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Our services are rendered free with room for sliding scale (charging minimal fee to those who can afford). A brief interview is done to determine eligibility. We encourage you to call.
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Medecons is committed to entering any meaningful partnership for the benefit of the needy elderly. We make concerted effort towards partnership in order to meet our goals in as shortest time possible .

An Organization Overview
Throughout our communities there are elderly poor and needy individuals who have become incapable of accomplishing many common daily chores. Either inside their homes or in their yards they can no longer care for their “places.” They are in danger of being “unhappily placed” in a “care institution” usually at great cost to either family or the State. To help them live longer in their own “homes” is best for them, their families and everyone else.

Executive Summary
Medecons Initiative Inc. is a non profit organization providing crucial “home services” such as light housekeeping and yard work to low income elderly using volunteer help. These crucial services are provided so that seniors can stay in their homes much longer. Under the services of Medecons, seniors are now living in much cleaner and therefore healthier and happier circumstances.

Purpose: The purpose of Medecons Initiative, Inc. is to provide free services to the needy elderly population living in Maricopa County. These services would include light housekeeping, yard work, minor repairs and other chores as needed and deemed appropriate.

Mission Statement: The mission of Medecons Initiative, Inc. is to provide free services, which will enable the needy elderly in Maricopa County to live independently and with dignity.

Vision: The elderly living in Maricopa County shall be able to live an independent life with dignity.

What We Offer
Indoors Medecons offers light housekeeping such as (but not limited to) the following:

  • Dusting, vacuuming, dust mopping,
  • Solid floor mopping, hard surface cleaning,
  • Window washing, mirror cleaning,
  • Countertop and sink cleaning,
  • Cleaning and/or replacement of air conditioning filters and light bulbs
  • Toilet and bathtub cleaning,
Outdoors (provided for a modest fee) Medecons offers (but not limited to) the following:
  • Lawn mowing, edging, shrub trimming, limited tree trimming,
  • Weed abatement
  • Raking, sweeping, blowing,
  • Shrub removal
  • Minor repairs to sprinkler systems
(Referrals are available for further services).

Services are available for scheduling by phone, fax or e-mail and are normally scheduled no longer than ten (10) working days from receipt of request for service.

Medecons is virtually unique in its concept and delivery. While there are other “chore services” Medecons is the only non profit which provides low or no cost service with this breadth of services. Medecons, at the same time, works cooperatively with many of our neighboring non profit agencies.

Medecons Board Members.

  1. John Kabata - Director Afrok Medical Equipments
  2. Dan Casey - Director Xenari International
  3. Roque Thuo - Intel Corporation / Director Rfwel
  4. George Okumu - American Express
  5. Anne Kabata - Hacienda Health
  6. Lameck Nyakweba - Director Avondale Pharmacy


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